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Amtrak Sample License Rates and Guidelines

Rights Managed footage is licensed for use in a single project and priced on a per- shot basis - standard rates listed here are for one continuous cut of up to 10 seconds. Additional runtime, multiple cuts, and multiple uses are available. Rates are negotiable depending on the number of shots licensed and your intended use. Please give us a call or email if you'd like to discuss any additional options.

Sample license rates (in US Dollars):

Advertisement - $1,000 to $5,000
Feature film (theatrical release) - $1,500 to $3,000
Feature film (direct-to-video or film festival release) - $750 to $1,200
Television program (scripted) - $850 to $1,000
Documentary/non-fiction program - $375 to $750
Non-broadcast project - including corporate presentation, web series, student film, and
educational use - $250 to $1,500

Give us a call at (516) 869-1170 or fax at (516) 869-1171 or email us at for exact pricing and to place your order.

These are some of the questions we'll likely ask you in order to provide the best price possible:

  • What HD Clips or Still Photos are you interested in? In particular, we'll be determining whether the HD Clip or Still Photo is from our Amtrak Train Photo Collection, Amtrak Train Collection or from our Amtrak American Scenic Collection?
  • What is the nature and format of the production you'll be creating - for example: a commercial advertisement, corporate presentation, feature film, scripted television program, documentary program, web series, student film, public service announcement, etc.?
  • What media will the project will be distributed in? For example: all media, broadcast television, broadcast and cable, non-broadcast presentations, film festivals, Internet?
  • What is the term/duration of the license you'll need - that is, for how long will the project be screened, broadcast, or distributed?
  • What territory or geographic area will the project be distributed in - for example: worldwide, one continent, one country, local region?
  • What media and format will you want for final distribution? For example: Standard-Definition or High-Definition tape or file, interpositive or internegative film element?
  • Please note: Not all of our HD Clips are available on film; Doubletime Productions’ Executive Producer will review all requests and determined what clips are available before for final commitment. There will be extra research and production charges for any approved film duplication request.

Rates are approximate and do not constitute a guarantee. Exact rates will depend on footage licensed, project, and rights granted. HD Clips and Still Photos from our Amtrak Train Collection are priced on a case-by-case basis. All Licensing Fees are determined by Doubletime Productions and Amtrak. Licensing Fees are paid directly to Amtrak. Duplication or transfer costs are additional and will depend on the media and formats provided and are paid directly to Doubletime Productions. Final media will be released after, Amtrak’s Licensing Agreement is signed by an Authorized Licensee and Amtrak.

Special Note: Whenever any Amtrak Train Clip or Amtrak Train Still Photo is used in a Feature Film, Television Program, Documentary, Corporate Presentation, Amtrak and Doubletime Productions must receive screen credit, i.e. Amtrak film footage provided by Amtrak and Doubletime Productions.

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