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Double Time Productions

How to Order

Just make a note of the file name of the photograph, film still or video clip, and give us a call! You can also email or fax us with the request.

Our assigned Executive Producer, not a stock footage librarian, will personally search our library for the required material.

Our film footage library is the most extensive in America with over 1600 film clips and photographs. Since it is not possible to show you our entire collection, we have selected some of the most interesting scenes and still photos for you to preview.

The photography (still and motion) of some of America's leading photographers, directors and cinematographers can be seen here. All outdoor photography was shot on location with natural lighting and weather conditions.

So even if you can't find exactly what you want in the samples on this site, chances are..... We Have It! Give us a call, and we will do our very best to service your needs.

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